The reason why we mostly fail is because we fantasize about what it will be to succeed in our goals and our plans but never pay attention to what it will mean to fail. We never stop to think that we can fail, that our plan may not hold water when the tire meets the road. We spend hours and hours planning for success that we forget that we pay no thought to failure; to the fact that we can fail. This has become so common place in our urban culture that everybody is doing it. Every book you will lay your hand on will tell you to think and dwell on success. It will cajole you to mediate and envision about the world where you have what you are looking for and your dreams have all come to pass. It isn’t that thinking and meditating on success is a bad thing but that we completely forget that we can fail by not thinking about failure and the world that we will live in when we fail.

Thinking about failure helps to further understand your loopholes. When you understand what can go wrong and give it enough brainpower, you can come up with better prevention techniques than Hail Mary. Thinking and dissecting issues facing your goals will allow you the privilege to counter and defeat it before it happens. You are not hoping and praying that things go right, you are on the driver sit, with your hand on the wheel, knowing and anticipating all potholes on the tricky road. That is the only way you will get a chance.

Is a cliché to say that if you don’t prepare to succeed, you are preparing to fail. When we hear this cliché-able statement, we will rush to our room with a pen in hand to plan for that paradise of a goal. When the goal meets the real world, it will be exposed for what it is; a fraud. Any plan without the analysis for failure is a fraud. Any goal you think about without planning to fail, you are indeed planning to fail. I think a better cliché is if you don’t plan to fail, you are planning to fail. How about that for a quote, I think it will go well in a T-shirt.

“if you don’t plan to fail, you are planning to fail.”Oscar Josiah

Thinking about failure and analyzing how to counter the enemies on the road is better than pouring countless hours going about your routine. What happens when you run out of money, what if she says no to your proposal of marriage, what if my partner cheats? What if I can’t find a buyer, what if I am sacked, what happens then? Each answer provides you with a shot at success. Believe me when I say that this is more beneficial than pouring hours envisioning success. When you do this, you are dwelling in your grandeur of falsehood. You are collecting money from investors without an atom of preparation on your own path.

You will meet with potholes; issues upon issues. You will make mistakes, probably run out of money; what are your preparation to make sure that you come out of this un-shattered? Show me the book, meticulously show me the procedure to take. What are the failures that you have anticipated? There lies the true measure of what your future will look like. Wake up from your fantasies and face the real world. Think of failure, work on solving them and you will surely succeed.

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Oscar Josiah

Oscar Josiah

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