Is one thing to make a website, is another thing to be making money from it. There are millions of websites that its owners have not made a penny from. They might be comfortable with having a space on the Internet that belongs to them but that should not be the case for you. You can leverage on your website to maintain a six figure income. As at the time of writing this, 75% of geeksvillage income comes from this website. We are leveraging on this piece of technology to promote, market and reach to people that are physically beyond our reach.

Below are the 7 ways you can make money on your website.

  1. Google Adsense:

    Google offers website owners a route to make money by displaying adverts from google on their websites. Using google adsense puts you in control of the content that is displayed on your website. Unlike other advert managers, google offers you an opportunity to filter out contents that can compete or put-off your visitors. Google is also one of the highest paying advertisement platform and you wouldn’t have to worry about getting paid as they are GOOGLE afterall.
    Sign up for google adsense here: Google Adsense

  2. Sell digital ebook:

    If you are a writer or you have a fantastic idea that you will like to publish as a book, then selling a digital eBook is the route for you. Instead of waiting for years to be noticed by a big publishing firm, you can sell directly from your website and collect payment. By publishing an eBook, you will bypass expenses of printed copies. You will only have to write once and over a million people can download. The good thing about eBooks is that it can cover any category and can be so affordable that people will not mind parting with their money. Selling an eBook on how to care for your dog at N100 is better than selling an actual book for N2000.
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  3. Sell leads:

    Leads are gold. For a local business or an established company, having leads means having potential buyers and subscribers. If you have leads and your legalities covers it, you can sell it to a startup looking to make an impact immediately. Email leads are sold at $2 per email. Having a 10,000 email leads can generate you a sizable income.
    Sell or buy leads: Contact our support team

  4. Sell a course:

    If you an expert on a particular field, you can sell a course. All you need is to integrate a proper eLearning platform into your website. You will have courses, test and even issue certificates. For an educational institute, this can become a goldmine. Countless of people can take your courses from any where in the world. You will also need to connect your website to a payment gateway for immediate fee payment.

  5. Accept donations:

    While this is not limited to a Charity or NGO, they are the ones that needs it the most. NGOs can solicit and accept donations using their websites. NGOs can show people what they are doing and why they need the funds that they are asking for. By accepting donations, they can achieve more.
    Start accepting donations: NGO Websites

  6. Cash out:

    Every good thing must come to an end and your website is one of them. Instead of not renewing your domain and hosting, you can simply sell it and make money from it.

Your websites can earn you a sizable income every month or it can become another stream of income to supplement your existing ones. By using this methods listed above, you can start making money from your website immediately.

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Oscar Josiah

Oscar Josiah

Oscar Josiah is a programmer, writer and a vivid thinker.


Stephen · June 6, 2017 at 8:59 am

Nice post, will implement on my website.

Tony · June 7, 2017 at 10:07 am

Selling leads are not always legal in some countries.

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